Questions to Ask Before Building a Custom Home in Grand Rapids, MI

Sep 09, 2021 | Custom Home Cost, ICF Custom Homes, Energy Saving Homes, Insulated Concrete Forms, Budget

Building a custom home is about accommodating particular needs, desires, and lifestyle/s, and there are a number of important factors you should consider before getting started. There are questions to ask yourself when building a home, and there are questions to ask a home builder to ensure that you avoid mistakes. Here, we'll go over a few of the most important of each.


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Questions to Ask Yourself Before Remodeling or Building a Custom Home

A home is the most personal object in your life. Before building a custom home, it's best to ensure that the design you aim for is the right one for you and your family. Looking for builders with integrity who are professional and experienced is an important part of that, but making sure you have at minimum a general idea of what you want before moving forward. Take the time to ask yourself the following questions before taking the plunge.


Am I certain I want to Build a Custom Home?

To build a custom home, it is not absolutely necessary to have a fully formed vision of the final product in mind. You should however have a broad goal in mind, perhaps you are meeting a specific need, or you have a type of look and certain materials you are interested in using. Your builder can help you navigate all the details needed and guide you through the process. 


How Much Am I Willing to Spend?

Budget is always a primary concern in the construction of a custom home. You may not know how much house your spending limit can buy, but you need to have a ballpark budget so that your home builder can help you to stay within that limitation. You also might need guidance from your custom home builder on that budget for any unknown or unexpected costs of building a custom home.


Who Will Live in the Home & for How Long?

Is the home for you, a family, an aging family, a young family, or both? What features and accommodations does the structure need? Is it to be a generational family home, a vacation getaway, a retirement home for a couple or an individual, a place to get off the grid or something else? These questions should be answered throughout the design process to obtain an optimal fit between the occupants and the structure.


What are the Most Important Factors for the New Home?

Suppose you are building a house as an empty-nester. Then the most important features might be extra rooms for visiting family members, the kitchen you always dreamed about, a wine cellar for entertaining your friends. The more specific your needs, the more narrow the focus of the build will be. Likewise, any custom home should accommodate all your specific needs and activities.


How Important is the Kitchen?

Almost invariably, the answer to this question is, “Very.” But for a young family home, the kitchen is often Grand Central Station. In a single occupant or couple's home, it might be more like a quiet nook with an intimate seating area and a winsome view of the garden. But it would still be of vital importance. Taking the needs of the occupants into consideration, a design that is based around the kitchen is likely to be a well-thought-out design. 


Questions to Ask a Custom Home Builder in Grand Rapids

There are many quality Grand Rapids home builders. But finding the best one for your needs is about finding an organization that will take your questions and concerns seriously, take your wants and needs into consideration during the design and build phases, and who won't leave the job until you are satisfied. 


Can the Soil Support a Home?

If you are choosing the lot where the home will be built, an analysis of the soil will be needed to ensure it will support the weight of the structure for its functional lifetime. Foundational problems are a serious health and safety concern. That's why it's always best to have the soil examined by a Geotechnical Engineer before construction begins, as well as any landscaping needs or terrain considerations for the build.


What Construction Materials are Best?

Are you envisioning stone pillars, marble facades, steel, wood, or brick? Oftentimes, the most important factor in the customization of a home is the most visually prominent materials used. Even if a large stone face is largely superficial, it still needs to be supported and will be an important structural element to design around from the earliest stage.


What Type of Home Will Have the Best Resale Value?

This might be a good question for a real estate agent. You might begin by looking at real estate listings in the area in and around your intended build location. What types of homes are most popular in Grand Rapids, Michigan? You may have a good idea already, but some preliminary research and a chat with your builder on how to optimize resale values is a good start if you plan to eventually sell the home.


Who Will Design and Build the Home?

Choosing the best home design and build company for your needs is key. You need to work with a builder who is experienced, professional, and has all the required licenses and certifications. But most importantly, you need a custom home builder who will take your ideas seriously and stick with the project until your needs are met. Be sure to ask for references and look at their previous work. A quality builder who understands your needs will offer these kinds of materials and information to you on day one. 

Here at R Value Homes, we focus on concrete forms for durable and noise-proof structures to suit any need and lifestyle. We will work with you closely to ensure your custom home is everything you are looking for and more. Get in touch with R Value Homes today to learn more.

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